Use Case Video: Change Requests

Find out more about how much more efficient your workflows become when have complete control and visibility into all change requests.


Meet Martin. Martin is Head of Client Delivery for Chillout H-VAC Inc. They deliver all related equipment to their client in the air-conditioning and cooling sector. 

Martin has a few problems:

  1. He believes he is losing about 1 million per annum on lost change requests – but he is struggling to see where the losses are happening
  2. His team of engineers are all complaining that it is too difficult and time-consuming to do paperwork. And finally
  3. In at least one in every three jobs, when his engineer arrives on-site there is something wrong with the site preparation and the engineer needs to leave and come back another day, costing Chillout at least $5,000 in missed opportunity costs 

Take a day in the life of Frank, one of the Chillout engineers that works, for Martin. He arrives onsite and discovers a built-in cabinet that is supposed to have been moved to make way for an air-conditioning unit that has not been shifted. Previously Frank would probably have thought about the red tape involved and moved it himself. This would have delayed the actual job he was doing by 6 to 8 hours. 

His alternative would have been to leave the client site and come back another day when the cabinet was moved. That day has cost Chillout $5,000 in actual and opportunity costs
Now that Chillout has Cora PPM things are different. 

Frank takes out his mobile phone and takes a photograph of the cabinet in its current location. The photograph is automatically saved in the project documents folder. Frank clicks on the Mark-up button. He circles the cabinet and marks an x where the cabinet should be. He types a comment “Cabinet should be moved to the corner”.

Julie, the Office Admin, sees the document has been automatically added to the plan. She clicks on the file and sees the mark-up and the comment. She clicks on the comment and adds it to the Change Request Register. She adds a cost of $6,500 to the change and 1 day and clicks “Submit”. 

Two minutes after Frank has attached the original photograph, the automatic workflow in Cora PPM has routed the change request to Frank’s boss Martin. Martin has a decision to make. Is it a change request which he should charge for or should Frank move the cabinet for free? In this case, the fault is clearly that of the client. Martin approves the change request.
Now the workflow sends an automatic email to the client’s representative, Paul, who reads the change request. He can see clearly it is their fault and 10 minutes after Frank has submitted the Change Request the client approves the change request. 

Frank as the originator, receives an automatic email 15 minutes after he submitted the original change request, telling him that the change request has been approved and to proceed with the work of moving the cabinet. He is still onsite and has not wasted the day. He still hasn’t encountered any red tape or paperwork and has got the change order approved without any hassle.
Chillout Inc receives an extra $6,500 for this change request. But also they receive one million dollars for the numerous other change requests throughout the year that they would not previously have invoiced for.
Now that’s how to run a business! 


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