Successful Change and Transformation – with Hardeep Kaur

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In this exclusive segment of “Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath,” Hardeep Kaur, a distinguished Global Director at Merck, shares profound insights into the intricate landscape of ‘Successful Change and Transformation.’ With an extensive 25-year tenure in Pharmaceutical Operations and General Management, Hardeep navigates critical areas pivotal to project triumph.

Hardeep’s Expertise

This discussion offers a glimpse into Hardeep’s professional journey and her expertise in orchestrating transformative change within organizations. Her background in managing change across the pharmaceutical industry shapes the foundation of this dialogue.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Introduction and Change Management: Hardeep’s background and expertise in managing change.
  2. Differentiating Change and Transformation: Exploring nuances between these terms in the project realm.
  3. Project Sponsor’s Role: Debunking misconceptions and emphasizing the sponsor’s pivotal role in project success.
  4. Enhancing Stakeholder Communication: Valuable tips for effective communication to engage stakeholders.
  5. Lessons for Successful Change Execution: Insights into three essential lessons for executing successful change initiatives.
  6. Building Organizational Agility: Strategies to foster adaptability within organizations for a seamless transition.

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