Managing the Psychology of Project Management

In this week’s episode of the Project Management Paradise Podcast, Amy Hatton, Editor at Project Manager Today, speaks with Johnny Beirne on “Managing the psychology of Project Management”.

Amy refers to herself as an accidental project manager as opposed to someone it has been hardwired into. She has a background in international development, facing challenges in construction, education and water projects. Amy’s approach to managing projects would be to hit the ground running and she believes that many others are also learning as they go.

In terms of Project Manager Today, it has been in existence since 1989, around the period where Amy believes that Project Management was becoming more relevant. A gap in the market was evident for a outlet to publish Project Management issues from the beginning. At present the magazine has over 38,000 online subscriptions and covers all areas from methodologies and frameworks to case studies and best practice examples.

Excerpts from Episode 18 – Managing the psychology of Project Management

When looking at the personal aspect of project management, Amy suggested that London 2012 was such a success because of the community of people behind it.

Amy always suggests that new methodologies like Agile including a clever use of a softer skillset is more effective in managing and motivating people and ultimately getting things done.

There is an exercise involved in this podcast where listeners are asked to fold their arms in the opposite way to stimulate the thought process of change.
Listen to the full episode below:

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Show Notes

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