Leadership in Uncertain Times

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Declan Ryan founder and CEO of “The Project Foundry” shares insights into how they help business leaders with their strategy and how companies can make their clients’ lives better. In this episode, we talk about “Leadership in Uncertain Times”.


We talk to Declan about the ways in which the company makes its clients’ lives better. Was Declan surprised by how companies managed their strategies? Did he notice a recurring set of fears? What impact do certain issues have on government and business? Also, where does leadership in a company reside? How do businesses actually put their strategies into action?

In this episode, we will also learn how an individual can assist the leadership team of a company with the goals that they have set for themselves. Is it really as simple as outlining a route that can lead to success?

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Important Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – Introducing Declan Ryan
00:47 – Declan Ryan’s story
02:55 – How does The Project Foundry improve client lives?
04:08 – How do certain issues affect business and government?
05:34 – Helping business leaders with their strategy
10:55 – Where does the leadership in a company reside?
14:17 – How do businesses execute their strategies?

Show Notes

Connect with Declan Ryan on LinkedIn.

Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at corasystems.com/transformationguide.

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