Nice PMs Finish First: How Kindness Pays Off with Betty Chan


Betty Chan, a Senior Project Manager (PM) at Purpose, is the guest on this episode of the discuss how kindness pays off in Project Management.

Betty has a strong focus on process development. As a steady force on projects, she is the go-to person for making sure project goals are clear, promises are kept, and that step by step, everyone makes it happily to the finish line. Today, Betty and the host discuss how kindness pays off in Project Management(PM).

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Highlights from Episode 77:

  1. Background and Accidental Entry into Project Management: Betty, a senior PM at Purpose, shares her journey from business school to freelance design and ultimately becoming a project manager.
  2. Kindness as a Project Management Focus: Betty emphasizes the profound impact of gestures and compassion within project teams, highlighting the importance of these human connections over project details.
  3. Challenging Stereotypes and Cultural Variations of Kindness: As a New Yorker, Betty challenges stereotypes about rudeness and shares cultural nuances, emphasizing the importance of understanding local customs in expressing kindness.
  4. Levels of Kindness and Creating a Culture of Kindness: She discusses the various levels of kindness and underscores the importance of daily gestures in fostering a culture of kindness within a project.
  5. Kindness in Project Costs and Communication: Betty relates kindness to project costs and effective communication, emphasizing its role in building trust and creating an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing challenges.
  6. Pressure vs. Kindness in Project Management: Betty addresses the challenges of maintaining kindness under pressure, suggesting smaller acts of kindness that fit into busy schedules and contribute to a positive project culture.
  7. Balancing Self-Care and Team Contribution: Betty advocates for project managers to prioritize self-care, emphasizing that being kind to oneself is crucial for contributing positively to the team.
  8. Initiating Kindness in the Workplace: Betty suggests starting with small gestures, such as a warm greeting, and emphasizes the importance of personal introspection to understand one’s sources of inspiration.
  9. Golden Rule of Project Management: The golden rule is to approach projects with a team perspective, acknowledging that there will be challenges, and viewing them as an adventure to be navigated collectively.

Betty insights shed light on the transformative power of kindness in project management(PM), emphasizing its positive impact on team dynamics and project outcomes.

Show Notes

Connect with Betty Chan on LinkedIn.

Find out more about Purpose here.

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