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This week Lou Kerestesy from Gov Innovators is interviewed about the topic of innovation implementation in organizations, be it Government, non-profit, or private sector.

Lou has a strong background in Government, starting out at a local level after leaving college and working up to federal before continuing on as an external consultant. A Masters in conflict resolution has formed a basis for involvement in organizational and cultural change within a number of organizations. In this interview, Lou helps us understand what innovation is and how we can implement it in our projects. Please note, we had a slight technical hiccup toward the end where the last 2 minutes didn’t record so please accept our apologies for the sudden stop. Subscribe to Project Management Paradise via one of the links above or on the right and you’ll automatically receive new episodes directly to your device.

Excerpts from Innovation Implementation with Lou Kerestesy

When asked for his definition of innovation, Lou described it as “doing something different to create new value for the customer” highlighting the importance of focusing on the customer as opposed to the internal organizational processes. Lou believes that innovation is a hot topic all over the world and although there may be some resistance, it is mainly down to nothing more than human nature. He also believes that innovation is now very much on the mind of Government organizations today as they move toward a more people-orientated approach to how they operate. Lou also tells the listeners how he believes there is a healthy tension between doing things differently to create new value and being operationally efficient. When starting a conversation about implementing innovation into a project, for instance, Lou will often ask what they feel that they are doing so far in terms of innovation, suggesting it could be something as simple as a suggestion box. He also states that there could be a conversation about all things innovation without actually mentioning the word “innovation” but the concept and effects will be exactly the same.

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