How Project Management Has Changed

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This week our CEO Philip Martin speaks with Johnny on Project Management Paradise on “How Project Management has changed over the past 15 years”.

In this interview, listeners will get some real gems from Philip’s many years of experience in Project Management. Philip shares with us how he started Cora and our Project Management Software called ProjectVision which employs 50 people with offices in Ireland (Headquarters), the UK, and the US.

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Excerpts from “How Project Management has Changed”

When asked by Johnny about features that have become more important over the years, the centralized resource manager is possibly the most notable with portfolio management also becoming increasingly popular. Philip quotes the BCG matrix explaining how projects can be categorized a “dogs” and “stars” to rate which would be best to proceed with.

With regards to difficulties, Philip comments on the high failure rates of new PMO, suggesting they may try to introduce too many changes straight away. Other difficulties in terms of project management software would be to defer people away from using Excel and benefits realization to ensure that plans are delivered on.

Philip states how “Nothing happens without people” and highlights the importance of people above processes and technologies.

He explains difficulties that he experienced personally while managing a small project team and a solution that he came up with to enable a better reporting structure, essentially a starting point for Cora Systems. On the subject of methodologies, Philip explains how Project Management is more about common sense as opposed to any one particular methodology!

Philip also discusses how the development of our Project Management Software is client lead and how this has lead to the Cora Client Conference which happens on the 7th of September.

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