Digital Transformation in a University Environment

Screenshot of Cora Assistant PPM Software

In this episode of the Project Management Paradise podcast, special guest host Pamela Sinclair talks with the Associate Director of Digital Portfolio Management Office for Queensland University of Technology (QUT) about the implementation of Cora Systems’ project and portfolio management solution at QUT. The guest details the benefits of Cora’s portfolio management capabilities, reporting functionality, and user-friendly interface. They highlight the significant time and resource savings achieved since implementing Cora, with streamlined reporting processes and increased user adoption.

Key Highlights:

  • Accidental project management career path.
  • Tech careers and project management at Queensland University of Technology.
  • Digital transformation and project management at a university.
  • Digital transformation and PPM tool challenges at a university.
  • Selecting a project management tool and its benefits.
  • Using a PPM tool to streamline project management processes.
  • Implementing a project management tool.
  • Implementing a new product at a university.
  • Core Project Management tool implementation.

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