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"Agile Methodology Insights"

with Frank Balogh from AOL

In today's episode we discuss Agile Methodology with Frank Balogh of AOL.

Frank is part of the global AOL Platforms group and uses Agile Methodology to develop approaches for product development and engineering initiatives.

In this interview, Frank and Johnny discuss the Agile Ceiling, Agile versus Waterfall and how to prepare for Agile. Frank has over 20 years of experience in a range of roles so sit back and take in just a taste of his vast expertise.

Excerpts from “Episode 13 – “Agile Methodology Insights”

Frank describes his role as taking organizations from where they are to where they want to be using agile.

When asked to describe Agile Methodology, he refers it as the reaction to traditional project management, stating that with agile, you need to get people involved – those planning and delivering the work.

According to Frank, agile realizes that software development and many management processes don’t really follow the traditional model of project management, but there are still some good elements to it.

During the interview Frank quotes John Potter stating “Management is about coping with complexity, leadership is about coping with change”, going on to explain that as you introduce agile into an organization you are trying to lead people to get things done.

The complexity of agile is underestimated, people understand it in principle but don’t fully understand how they can use the approach in their particular role.

Frank suggests that agile is like jazz, asking people to think more creatively which is necessary in a knowledge based economy.

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