GIS Mapping Tools with Cora PPM

See a geospatial representation of your programs and projects, instantly.

Bring all of your projects together, regardless of where they are in the world and identify synergies.

For organizations with geographically distributed project activities, the ability to plot projects on a map allows you to visualize your activity location.

Key Differentiators

Our GIS mapping tools use Bing maps to display the locations of projects. Identify clusters of activity where efficiencies may be possible. There is no need to purchase additional GIS software or licenses in order to use the GIS feature within our PPM software.


From its out-of-the-box integration with Bing Maps, our GIS mapping tools facilitate the plotting of project locations on a map and display those projects in conjunction with other project data on the system via our Smart Form functionality to provide a geospatial view of a program of work. This view can be used to facilitate executive-level reporting as well as provide a geo-spatial representation of an overall program of work.

Among a wide variety of configuration capabilities, our PPM software allows for the configuration of different icons to easily identify different project types across a location or by the department. In addition, Cora Systems has worked with specialist geospatial partners to facilitate the addition of further information layers (e.g. population and census data) to further enhance the views available


  • Plot the location of your projects on a map
  • Identify clusters of activity where efficiencies may be possible

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