Finance Tools with Cora PPM

Manage your project finances from initial estimate through to actual spend with our purpose-built finance tracking and reporting tools.

Track and Compare Cost Estimates Quickly and Easily

Our project management finance tools allow you to bring together your original cost estimate, current budget and forecast spend into a single view. By integrating with your financial management system to import “actual” and “committed” costs, a complete picture of the financial health of your projects is available in one place.

Key Differentiators

Managing the project’s finances is critical to a successful outcome and with our finance tools this is made simple. The information provides decision makers with key financial insights into how a project is performing at any given time. What makes it even more powerful is the ability for the project financials to roll up through the levels, from project to program to portfolio.

Managers at executive level can view summary financial information which will also allow them to drill into the information further. This high-level information can be key to show executives which programs of work are making the most profits for your organization.

The reporting tools allows for complete financial transparency for sponsors and stakeholders to view timely and reliable information about the company’s performance. Users can select a number of headings within the report to reflect the financial information they wish to view at that time.

Our project management software allows for users to import financial information from a financial management system to show actual project costs. These can then be compared with initial budgets, cost estimates and forecasts; with any variance highlighted. This import of financial data can be manual or automatic from a flat file upload or via an API integration.

Watch This Video

In this video, we see how Project Financial Management can be centralized and simplified by using Cora PPM.


Our PPM software has been successfully integrated with a wide range of leading enterprise financial management systems and tools, including Oracle, SAP, Integra, JD Edwards and more. Our flexible approach to match our customers’ requirements allows us to offer a variety of mechanisms to populate Cora with your financial information.

We also support the manual upload of financial data into the system, providing the relevant financial data is put into a standard format (MS Excel or CSV). Whether through direct integration to your system of choice or through facilitation of automated extraction and upload of data from your FMS through two-way data transfer via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) link, the complete financial picture of the portfolio is available.



  • Full roll-up of data to identify under/overspend at project, program and portfolio level
  • Record estimate, budget and forecast and report variance
  • Flexible options to enter actuals and commitments directly, via a file upload or through integration with your Financial Management System
  • Detailed reporting options
  • Save multiple iterations of your budget and forecast

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