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Deliver more predictable, successful project and portfolio outcomes

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Maximise project delivery, while staying on budget & meeting deadlines

Keep your team on track, even in the face of unpredictable challenges and market changes

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Drive insights, collaboration & accountability

Ensure your organization meets its strategic objectives, while building teamwork, insights, and shared-learnings

Get the full picture

Cora provides a centralized system and a host of functionality that will help you make informed decisions. Our solution brings together portfolios, programs, organizations, strategies, resources and projects across the enterprise, providing you with an invaluable single version of the truth. We provide solutions to enterprise PMOs in consulting, ICT, transport, utilities, financial services, renewable energy, oil & gas.

Let’s fix your problems

Are you grappling with dozens of systems – which don’t speak to each other – to get at your key project data? Are you having trouble aligning corporate strategy with your organizational goals? Maybe your colleagues at senior management level don’t believe in the value of your PMO. Whatever your problem, we at Cora – drawing on 20+ years of experience delivering solutions that provide measurable benefits – will relish the chance to fix it.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve provided project portfolio management solutions to Enterprise PMOs around the world. With each engagement, we’ve learned to surmount the diverse problems encountered by project managers.
The problem:
Data sets from multiple systems makes it harder to see the full picture
Use our solution to centralize, consolidate and digitize your enterprise data, helping everyone to work from a “single version of the truth” when it comes to project data
Ready to see how it works?

Our highly trained experts are standing by, ready to demonstrate and answer all of your questions about pricing, implementation, or anything else.

guide PMO or SRO?

A free guide on the benefits of establishing a Strategy Realization Office

There comes a time when senior management must decide whether a PMO is still the right for the organization or whether their strategic objectives would be better served by the establishment of a Strategy Realization Office (SRO). This guidebook outlines how the establishment of a SRO can help deliver more strategically aligned, higher value, projects for organizations over the long term.