Delivering more predictable, successful project and portfolio outcomes

Cora PPM is an enterprise portfolio and project management platform that provides the functionality required to make informed decisions via a centralized system that brings together portfolios, programs, organizations, strategies, resources and projects across the enterprise – providing a single version of the truth.

We provide PPM solutions to enterprise PMO’s in:
Consulting, ICT, Transport, Utilities, Financial Services, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas


Control required to manage scope, financials, progress and quality of project delivery


Governance to optimize resources to fulfill strategic priorities of the organization


Insight to roll out fail-safe, strategically-aligned projects and portfolios that utilize resource and deliver maximum value

Client Testimonials

“Delivering successful transformation programs through one single version of the truth, providing complete Control, Governance and Insight"

Cora PPM, supported by our experienced Client Delivery Services Team, enables clients to deliver real-time, holistic project governance, control and visibility across all projects throughout their entire organization.

The Cora suite of modules are highly configurable for each client’s specific business processes. The system is intuitive and has been designed with a focus on the end-user, thereby enabling users to quickly deploy the solution in complex PMO/PPM environments. This in turn helps deliver ROI on implementations in less than 6 months. The system can be configured to deliver dashboards and performance analytics for any member of the project team.

Trusted by Enterprise Project Management Offices

Cora provide PPM solutions to enterprise PMO’s across all industry sectors

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