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Camlin make products for the electrical and railway industries. Headquartered in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, Camlin has 600 people based throughout the world. Its products are installed in networks across the United Kingdom, North America, South Korea, China, amongst other countries around the world.

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Discover how Cora optimizes reporting and enhances project insights at Camlin.

Challenges Camlin faced

  • Struggled with visibility of information beforehand
  • Trying to pull reports and information together in real time was a problem, i.e. with different variations of reports on MS Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Project Plans, stored on different people’s computers, etc.
  • Decision-making was slowed down, as a lot of time spent at month-end trying to pull senior-level reports together, which caused a lot of frustration for their teams

Capabilities Cora brings

    • With Cora’s sophisticated financial module, all Camlin’s engineering staff time is logged so Camlin can easily extract financials, which are invaluable to them, e.g. Camlin can fully understand where staff book their time when pulling up month-end reports
    • Single source of truth: Cora allows Camlin to structure activities around their portfolio, program and project
    • Roll-up dashboards enable management to look at portfolios at the highest level before drilling down into granular detail at PLM (product lifecycle management) and business development projects, as well as the analytics at program level, right down to the project level, highlighting necessary critical information in the moment, which makes day-to-day work dramatically easier.


  • Camlin now has consistency, as all their project plans are on a single platform
  • Ability to do RAGs and monthly reports in a consistent method
  • Better able to manage risks and issues in a more efficient, standard convention

“We now have consistency – all of our project plans on the one platform. We’re able to manage risks and issues in a standard convention. We’re now able to do RAGs and monthly reports with a consistent method. We’ve got financials that are really valuable to us. It’s great having that understanding. I love how Cora allows you to structure things around your portfolio, program and projects. That’s been fundamental for us.” – Steven Bell, Head of Project Management, Camlin Technologies

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