John McGrath Masterclass: What is a Strategy Realization Office?

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Discover “The Differences Between a PMO and SRO” as Project Management expert John McGrath dissects five pivotal areas in the latest Cora Systems PPM Masterclasses video.

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1. Business Justification vs. Strategic Alignment

While both PMO and SRO add organizational value, the PMO primarily focuses on business justification, evaluating isolated project value. In contrast, the SRO concentrates on strategic alignment, assessing a project’s value within the broader organizational structure.

2. Cost Management vs. Return on Investment

PMOs meticulously track cost management, comparing planned versus actual costs and associated risks. Conversely, SROs prioritize return on investment, emphasizing how a project delivers long-term value to the organization.

3. Deliverable-Focused vs. Value Creation

PMOs evaluate project success based on deliverables and milestones, ensuring timely and budgetary adherence. SROs shift the focus to value creation, examining the broader impact of a project on organizational value.

4. Pipeline Efficiency vs. Rationalization and Reduction

PMOs strive for maximum pipeline efficiency, optimizing resource utilization. SROs, however, focus on pipeline rationalization and reduction, understanding that fewer projects, particularly higher value initiatives, can deliver more benefits.

5. Project Completion vs. Project Selection

PMOs concentrate on when a project will be completed, emphasizing timelines. SROs, during strategic planning, prioritize project selection, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.


While both PMOs and SROs contribute value, their distinct focuses set them apart. PMOs deliver projects, whereas SROs concentrate on delivering organizational strategy, ensuring strategic alignment in project selection.

Is the SRO right for you?

Now that we’ve answered “What is a Strategy Realization Office” you may decide that it is a structure better suited to your organization. Learn more about the benefits by downloading our free guide “How to Move from PMO to SRO”.

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