Module of the Month: The Portal and Project Request

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In the latest of our “Module of the Month” series Cora Systems’ Account Manager Enda Smith takes a look at the Cora PPM and Project Request Portal.


The Portal offers broader access to Cora PPM’s data, fostering communication with external stakeholders. It serves as a secure platform, allowing stakeholders to autonomously track project progress, programs, and ideas within Cora PPM. Used extensively across various sectors, such as Government agencies and Healthcare, the Portal displays project information securely outside Cora PPM. It aids in capturing project ideas in Life Sciences and facilitates information sharing with external contractors in engineering and construction. Today, I’ll explore how the Portal streamlines the Project Request process, establishing consistent, value-based approval criteria crucial for organizations in selecting projects aligned with their strategic goals.

Cora PPM provides control and various functionalities for initiating new projects, such as:

    • Configuring a Smart Form to gather crucial information about the Project Request.
    • Optional approvals using Workflow.
    • Programmatically shifting, renaming, and updating Project Requests through workflow.
    • Complete segregation of unapproved projects from the program structure.
    • A “My Project Requests” Widget enabling Users to handle submitted project requests.
    • The process configuration allows for universal organizational user access or restriction to users holding specific roles.

Simplifying Project Initiation with Templates

When creating a Project Request, users begin by selecting accessible Templates. These templates play a pivotal role in simplifying the creation of new projects by pre-populating essential data. They serve as a structured framework, enabling Project Managers to skip the arduous task of creating a new structure for every project.

Structured Templates for Consistency and Efficiency

Templates are designed to contain standard sets of tasks or requirements pertinent to specific projects. This ensures consistency across projects and reduces the managerial effort required for project initiation. As templates are used, the start dates for all associated tasks in newly created projects automatically adjust based on the specified start date and constraints.

Configurable Workflow for Efficient Approval

Utilizing Cora’s Workflow feature, Project Requests are routed for approval by designated stakeholders, such as Program or Portfolio Managers. Configurable notifications and sequential approvals facilitate the smooth progression of the project request through different stages.

Managing Requests and Streamlining Approvals

Project Requests, prior to approval, remain separate from the main program structure. Approvers need access to project profiles to review and authorize requests. Moreover, the Project Request Portal Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of project statuses, request stages, and requester details.

User-Friendly Management with Dashboard Widgets

Cora PPM users can efficiently monitor and manage Project Requests through the My Project Request Widget on My Dashboard. The widget provides an organized grid view of Project Names, Request Status, and Submission Dates, offering convenient access to Project Request Smart Forms or Project Dashboards.

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