Webinar: How to Assess a Project in 5 Minutes

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Just as people have vital signs, projects have vital signs. There are a handful of things whose presence or absence gives a project manager key information about the health of a project. Join Fergus O’Connell, one of the world’s leading authorities on project management and creator of the disruptive, common sense project management method – The Ten Steps , for a look at his latest innovation – the Probability of Success Indicator . “How to Assess a Project in 5 Minutes” will outline how answering six simple questions can give your project an instant health rating. During This Webinar You Will:
  • Learn the benefits of “shortening” projects
  • Learn how to make quicker, more accurate calls on the health of projects
  • See a live example of the Probability of Success Indicator (PSI) in action
The Webinar was recorded at the 2020 PPM Innovator’s Virtual Summit.

About Fergus O’Connell

Fergus O’Connell, a renowned project management authority, and creator of the innovative Ten Steps method, as he introduces his latest breakthrough – the Probability of Success Indicator (PSI). In this webinar, discover the key factors that provide instant insights into your project’s health by answering six simple questions. Learn the advantages of streamlining projects and making swift, accurate assessments. Witness a live demonstration of PSI in action. Recorded at the 2020 PPM Innovator’s Virtual Summit, this webinar is your guide to project success.

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