Webinar Series: How to Overcome Common Enterprise PMO Challenges

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Catch up with Cora Solutions Architect Tom Davies MBCS for his four-part series of Webinars which looked at how organizations use Cora PPM to overcome common Enterprise PMO Challenges.

Resource & Financial Management

Do you struggle to understand what resources are available for your project and/or confidently stand over your resource plan/schedule? See how Cora PPM helps organizations plan resource requirements for projects; track variation between planned and actual resources and budgets. Watch the Recording here.

Project Management Data Visualization

Do you struggle to find the information you need when you need it or do you spend hours at the end of each month compiling reports? In this Webinar, Tom will demonstrate how the health of your Portfolios and Projects are visualized in Cora PPM Dashboards, how Dashboard widgets provide an instant digital ‘to-do’ list and how our suite of reports can extract and publish information in just a few clicks. Watch the Recording here.

Standardization & Governance – Templates, Stage Gates, Configuration

Does your organization struggle with consistency? Do your Project Managers supply all the information they’re supposed to in order for projects to progress to the next stage? See how Project Templates, Stage Gates and Approvals facilitate consistency, control and governance. Watch the Recording here.

How to run a Cost Improvement Programme

Have you found it difficult to centralize the management of programmes, while also tracking benefits and reporting on the progress being made? See how Cora PPM provides real-time, accurate data for effective management of cost control benefits realization and quality monitoring within an assurance framework. Watch the Recording here.

What are your Common Enterprise PMO Challenges?

The “common Enterprise PMO challenges” which formed the topics of the webinars are based on feedback and industry research. What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to Project Management in your organization? Let us know by emailing marketing@corasystems.com.

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