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Developing an Effective Business Case on Public Capital Projects

The Secrets to Developing an Effective Business Case on Public Capital Projects

Public capital projects are always intended to deliver a wide range of social and economic benefits from enhancing well-being and quality of life to improving and increasing the effectiveness of service delivery and/or enabling more environmentally sustainable development.

But for public capital investment to be truly effective and deliver good use of public funds, it is vital that all such projects are supported by a business case that is prepared and delivered to achieve optimum value for money.

In this webinar Gerry Galvin, a consultant with decades of experience in Ireland’s Civil and Public Service will share insights into how public sector bodies can develop a robust business case that remains valid throughout the delivery of the project.

The webinar lasts approximately 35 minutes and covers topics including:

  • The principles of Business Case development
  • How a public sector Business Case differs from a private sector
  • Business Case need and content
  • Risks and issues management
  • “Optimism Bias”
  • Benefits realisation

And the webinar concludes with a question and answer session on public sector project management.

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