Webinar: 5 Golden Rules to Adopt When Buying a PPM Solution​

Choosing a good PPM solution can be a complicated process. It pays to do it right – to know what you want; and where you’re headed – before making the commitment. Otherwise, you risk making an expensive mistake. Cora Systems is delighted to have teamed up with renowned PPM industry expert Lee R. Lambert for this fascinating guide to choosing a PPM Solution, CIOs: Think Before You Buy – 5 Rules to Adopt When Buying a PPM Solution. The guidebook analyzes recurring trends – and mistakes – in the buying process of chief information officers (CIOs) when it comes to adopting enterprise-wide project and portfolio management (PPM) solutions. The lessons are culled from over 50 years’ personal experience of one of the leading thinkers in the PPM industry.

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Lee R. Lambert is one of only 70 in the world to receive the honor of being made a PMI Fellow. He has worked with leading organizations – including IBM, Roche Diagnostics, and the US government’s Department of Energy – on the challenges facing CIOs before buying a PPM solution