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Trends in the Aerospace & Defence Industry

with Josh Lee

Josh Lee is the co-founder of Rev Technologies, a company that specializes in SAP implementation and technology strategy for heavy manufacturing and project-centric firms.


In this episode, we discuss the major trends affecting the aerospace and defense industry, as well as how these trends impact the line of business. In addition, we will find out whether or not the industry will experience the impending shifts that we have been speculating about. What kinds of issues could come up in the future, and how he thinks we should handle them? Lastly, we will talk about how adjusting to new circumstances can be the most effective strategy for companies.

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Important Timestamps:

00:00 – Introducing Josh Lee
00:48 – Who is Josh Lee and what does he do?
02:50 – The major trends affecting the aerospace and defense industry
11:04 – Will there be a future change in the industry?
14:51 – How will this change look from an executive perspective and how will it help?
15:34 – What is their plan for resolving future problems that may emerge?
18:17 – How does working in pharma differ from working in aerospace?
20:00 – The power of adaptation
21:27 – Where can we find Josh Lee?

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