Cora at the Bromley Stars Awards

The work life balance is a subject that has gathered plenty of attention in recent times, making events such as awards ceremonies a welcome distraction from the day to day working environment.

Simon Liddle recently got the opportunity to attend the Bromley Stars awards night on behalf of Cora Systems, which by all counts was a great success and enjoyable event.

The 2016 event, held last Friday (July 1st), which saw a number of council employees receive an award for 25 years’ service, was the tenth annual Bromley Stars awards ceremony. The newly elected Mayor of Bromley – Cllr Ian Payne, as well as the Chief Executive and Leader of Bromley Council, were in attendance on the night to present a number of awards to staff based on their achievements over the past year.

The event itself was organised by the HR department at Bromley Council and was sponsored by a number of in the private sector who have a connection with Bromley. One aspect that Simon really enjoyed and recommended as a possible internal suggestion for Cora would be the winner selection process.

Various departments nominated people within their department for an award, with those shortlisted being tasked with creating a short film explaining why they should be the overall winner of the award. Videos ranged from the more serious to comical and even parodies to help raise above the fierce competition in a unique and memorable way.

The night started out with a drinks reception where guests were greeted before the main awards ceremony. Following on from this, guests were met with a hot buffet before making their way out for a number of games and dancing in the presence of a live band.

Simon recalls the atmosphere being exceptionally positive on the night, providing an environment that facilitated conversation and relationship building among the guests. Such an atmosphere can be difficult to create at an event like this and we at Cora would like to take the opportunity to thank Bromley Council for inviting us along.

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