What are Digital Twins?

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Since its genesis by NASA scientists, the birth of digital twins technology has been transforming our world in new, unimaginable ways, and at a rate of change that has accelerated significantly in the last few years. It is revolutionizing healthcare, for example, particularly in trialing new medical procedures and in the fight against cancer; it is remodeling our cities, with estimates suggesting it could save our city planners and architects $280 billion by 2030. It is propelling engineers to more rapidly devise car and plane prototypes, including Air Force fighter jets.

This guide book looks at the history of digital twins technology. It examines the drivers that have speeded up its adoption, which include
  • The spread of 5G networks;
  • Improvements in 3-D rendering.
  • The remote work demands of COVID-19.

It summarizes its advantages – and its negative consequences – as well as explaining why modeling the sensitivity analysis can be so important. It concludes with an exploration of how digital twinning technology is helping to create a more sustainable working environment.

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