Enabling Digital Transformation & Delivery Assurance

Cora PPM aids central government and local authorities by providing them with a solution that manages their project portfolios, costs of projects and resourcing from a single web–based platform.

It pulls together project information, real time financial information, spatial (GIS) data and can fully integrate with many other systems. By examining these components, the user can make informed business decisions around budgetary adjustments, service changes and even project prioritization.

A Central System

A central system for the tight control and visibility of projects and project information

Project Templates

Access to templates to ensure consistency across the board when managing projects

System Integration

An accurate, up to date account of project financials by integrating directly with existing financial management and other enterprise systems


The ability to update an online engagement platform to allow the public to see certain project information

Client Testimonials

Cora PPM helps Government Agencies to deliver successful Digital Transformation Programs

Cora PPM is a mature portfolio and project management software solution; providing organizations with the control, governance and insight required to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate their project portfolios. 

Cora PPM eliminates the time and frustration around decision making, report generation, resource allocation, financial tracking and benefits management.

For close to two decades Cora has assisted Government and other public sector bodies in implementing successful transformation programs. 

Trusted by Government Bodies & Local Authorities

Cora PPM functionality includes:

  • Demand management
  • Project, programme and portfolio planning and management
  • Time management
  • Resource management
  • Finance management
  • Reporting at project, programme and portfolio levels
  • User management
  • Integration of other systems via the Cora API

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