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Government Project Management Software

Bring together all the information required to make better-informed decisions, budgetary adjustments, service changes, and project prioritisation.

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Deliver projects with confidence

Ensure your projects are on time and budget while understanding each delivery stage and its requirements through real-time reporting

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Streamline Project Management Processes

Collaborate across teams, departments, and agencies while consolidating project information, data, and reports in one place.

Government management software helping to deliver effective programs

Governments – both central and national – and other public sector bodies have many key challenges when trying to deliver effective programs for their regions and countries.

They have a huge variance in the types of projects, are always intended to deliver a wide range of social and economic benefits, and are constantly under pressure to weigh up the quality of project deliverables against the pressure of demonstrating value for money.

Good Governance

Good governance processes throughout the lifecycle of capital project delivery are essential if cost overruns and delays to completion are to be avoided. Cora PPM is a centralized, proven, web-based project management and control system used in local and national governments worldwide to ensure the correct steps are taken to plan, run and close public projects. Its governance over schedule, risk, issues, changes, milestones, resourcing, finances and other project health items in an easy-to-use interface shows why it is the Number 1 choice for the public sector.

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Business case development

Public bodies face challenges in developing robust business cases for capital and other projects where the benefits are not necessarily quantifiable in monetary terms. They need to demonstrate that the best value for money is being achieved while meeting the project’s objectives. Cora PPM facilitates several insights into how public sector bodies can develop a robust business case that remains valid throughout the delivery of the project.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve provided solutions to Government Departments, Agencies and Local Authorities. With each engagement, we’ve learned to surmount the diverse problems encountered by public sector project managers. We’ve banked all that experience and knowledge to improve our solution for you.
The problem:
Implementing a new PPM solution is risky
Don’t worry – from our first interaction with you we focus on developing a deep understanding of the challenges that your organization is facing. We then take a partnership approach to deliver a bespoke solution.
The problem:
Too much time is spent producing reports
Our highly configurable suite of reporting tools can be used to extract and publish information, in a variety of file formats, in just a few clicks. In addition, our embedded “BI” and analytics widgets will help you to spot issues instantly.
Ready to see how it works?

Our highly trained experts are standing by, ready to demonstrate and answer all of your questions about pricing, implementation, or anything else.

guide A free guide to project governance

Learn the benefits of implementing good governance

In this free guidebook, Gerry Galvin, a consultant with decades of experience in Ireland’s civil and public service, examines capital project governance and in particular its application to public sector capital projects.
Download a copy