Strategic Capacity Management

On Demand Webinar: Cora Strategic Capacity Management

Strategic Capacity Management by Cora allows you to effectively highlight resourcing issues and manage demand and approval of resources on projects, globally. This visibility allows for a better understanding of the impact of adding resources to overall project delivery and the effect on this and other projects through the ‘what-if’ scenario planning functionality. Strategic Capacity Management by Cora helps you to:
  • Ensure that the right resources are available and assigned to the most strategically aligned projects
  • Gain complete visibility of capacity utilisation on a global scale
  • Understand what additional projects you have the capacity to start and successfully carry out
  • Identify resource bottlenecks before they happen and react to ensure they don’t
  • Avoid resource conflict
In this webinar, Ronan Keane, Global Project Manager at Cora Systems discusses the capabilities of this functionality and the advantages that can be gained using this “top-down” resourcing method as opposed to the more traditional “bottom-up”.

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