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A comprehensive suite of functionality which provides the control, governance and insight required to manage complex project portfolios, irrespective of geographical location.
Cora Enterprise PPM

Enterprise-wide Transformation

The Enterprise PPM platform provides the strategic capabilities to optimize capacity, prioritize and track the benefits of your business plan, inform all stakeholders and integrate across the business technologies to achieve maximum performance from your portfolios of work.

Who is Cora Enterprise PPM for?

  • Large-scale, global and/or multi-divisional organizations
  • Organizations with 150+ users
  • Those who require a customizable solution

Cora Enterprise PPM includes all the features of Cora PPM plus the following additional features:

Cora Benefits Realization

A powerful benefits management tools that allow you to plan and track your benefits alongside your project delivery and help you to answer key questions quickly:

  • Which projects are delivering benefits now?
  • Which projects have the potential to deliver most benefit and should be prioritized?
  • Which projects are supporting our corporate goals?
  • Which projects have no clearly defined benefits and should be reviewed or stopped?

Cora Strategic Capacity Management

At a portfolio and pipeline perspective, the Cora Strategic Capacity Management module provides a toolset to allow organizations to forecast demand by resource skill type and apply scenario modeling to that demand information across the portfolio.

Cora’s strategic capacity management module provides control and visibility of all resources across all business areas. It highlights resourcing issues and provides the ability to manage the demand and approval of resources on projects globally. This visibility allows for a better understanding of the impact on adding multiple projects to overall project delivery and the effect on this and other projects through the ‘what-if’ scenario planning functionality. All of these functions are delivered through a central, easy-to-use, real-time system with one look and feel for a global organization

Cora Portal

The Portal is a companion site for Cora, set up to drive communication between external stakeholders and Cora users. It provides a secure, tailored view of information, working as a “self-service” channel so stakeholders can quickly track and interrogate the progress of projects, programs and ideas within Cora. The portal allows you to surface key data in real-time without users having to log in to the Cora application. With its ability to capture and channel project ideas, suggestions and improvements, it’s proven to be a powerful tool for innovation.

Cora Mobile

Cora Mobile provides apps for Android and iOS that let you access and update key project activity from anywhere. Update the status of your projects remotely and manage the risks, issues, actions and other items assigned to you. Remote users who don’t regularly need to access the full Cora platform, can easily complete timesheets and enter expenses.

Cora API

Our API (Application Programming Interface) facilitates easy integration with any enterprise technology architecture allowing for a central, enterprise PMO platform that provides one version of the truth and works seamlessly with external systems and data sources.

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