Managing complex capital & operational projects in one centralized system

Engineering and Construction organizations require a holistic view of infrastructure, asset or project information and their inter-dependencies taking into account tasks, sub-contractors, milestones, pricing information, planning, bill of materials, resources and much more.

Cora PPM is an effective project portfolio solution that provides the control, governance and insight required to manage complex project planning, scheduling, resourcing, cost, risk, benefits and stakeholders in one centralized system.

Project Control

Seamlessly interlink elements like Scope, Gantt, Risks, Change Control and more to provide a robust project controls toolset.

Project Progress & Performance

Track Progress through graphical dashboards (S-curves, etc.). Roll-up or drill down to provide relevant data and lead/lag indicators for project success

Document Management

Share, manage & control documents across the stakeholder ecosystem, driving compliance and providing strong audit trails

Access Anywhere, Anytime

The ability to manage workflows, task approvals, document mark-ups and more “in the field” using the Cora Mobile App

Client Testimonials

Providing the control, governance and insight required to make better decisions.

In order to deliver engineering and construction projects successfully, it is crucial to streamline the decision-making, cost management and approvals process across the organization. 

With the rise of remote teams, outsourced work and offshore development, project managers and executive management need to align their work across multiple locations and time zones. Effective communication, real-time, accurate data and resource management tools are crucial to successful project delivery. 

However, collaboration can be difficult when teams are geographically dispersed and team members are not only employees, but also clients, vendors, sub-contractors, and other third parties. 

The power of Cora PPM is that it provides immediate visibility on project portfolios, giving senior management, program managers, project managers and relevant stakeholders the control, governance and insight to make better decisions.  

Everything from Project Cost and Project Performance/Progress, Resourcing, Strategic Capacity Planning (for projects in the pipeline), Change Management and Capital Expenditure Requests can all be managed from one, single web–based platform. 

Trusted by leading Engineering & Construction Firms

Leaders in the Engineering industry such as WSP and Honeywell use Cora to deliver their projects. The platform offers:

– Transparency in delivery, providing project performance insight based on real-time data.
– Collaboration across geographies and time zones for employees as well as clients, vendors, sub-contractors, and other third parties.
– Streamlined decision-making, cost management and approvals process across the organization.
– Maximise efficiencies with standardised, centralised and simplified business processes.
– Improved financial forecasting and optimize investment across the entire project portfolio.

See how Cora helps manage complex construction projects in one centralized system by watching our On-Demand Webinar

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