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Strategic insight, centrally managed: bring focus to complex capital and operational projects

Regain control

Our construction and engineering solution helps you to master these challenges by allowing you to centrally manage complex capital and operational projects. Cora will provide you with immediate visibility on project portfolios, giving your senior management, program managers, project managers and relevant stakeholders the control, governance and insight to make better – and more profitable – decisions.
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See the full picture

In order to deliver engineering and construction projects successfully, you know it’s crucial to streamline decision-making, cost management and the approvals process across the organization. To achieve this, your project managers and executive management need to see the full picture. Collaboration, however, can be difficult when teams are geographically dispersed and include not only employees, but clients, vendors, sub-contractors and other third parties.

More revenue, less red tape

Producing accurate initial estimates with acceptable margins is one thing, but it needs to be easy to do. Early warning of overspend on materials, labor or sub-contractors is critical to show the completion number falls close to – or ahead of – that origin margin. That’s where we come in. Cora PPM is a simple-to-use forecasting tool set.
Our Android and iOS mobile apps ensure field staff can easily raise change requests, give approvals, take photos and mark them up.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve provided construction and engineering firms with a holistic view of infrastructure, asset and project information as well as their inter-dependencies.
The problem:
Project deviation, resourcing and financial control issues
Our solution is highly configurable and can be set to match the current project management methodology within client organizations. This minimizes implications and management associated with change and provided an easy-to-use, intuitive system.
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The problem:
Difficulty project forecasting and lack of standardized workflow processes
We can establish a consistent project management process that integrates multiple enterprise systems, providing consistent reporting/dashboards with project data resident in a secure cloud server accessible to field teams via mobile apps
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guide Engineering management guide

A free guide to connecting your strategy with your execution

As you know, there’s nothing an engineer dislikes more than lack of control. This guidebook, which includes real-life examples, shines a light on some of the challenges you probably face. It then provides the specific engineering project management software solutions you need to address them.
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