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Work placement at Cora Systems: Putting theory into practice

Work placement at Cora Systems: Putting theory into practice

Software Development Intern Rebecca McGlynn looks back on the three months she spent with Cora and how the experience has helped develop the skills she had learned at college.

Working as a Software Developer Intern in Cora Systems has been an insightful and extremely enjoyable experience that has given me new skills to carry forward into my professional and personal life. I joined Cora Systems to meet my three-month work placement requirement for my Level 7 Software Development BSc from IT Sligo, but I ended up staying an extra two weeks because I enjoyed the work environment.

Coming in as a mature student with very little current experience in an office environment was one of my main concerns. But from day one everyone at Cora Systems made me feel welcome and part of the team. I feel Cora Systems have a wonderful work culture and really goes the extra mile to create this culture by providing fun extras for the staff which as an intern I was including in as well.

As a software development intern, you have knowledge of the specific technology you are taught in school but this isn’t always what your new employer could be using. Cora Systems helped me with the transition into new technology by pairing me up with a senior developer that showed me the ropes. Even though I was supported I was also challenged with new tasks and encouraged to use my own capabilities to get these tasks finished.

During my time at Cora Systems, I gained a good amount of beneficial information such as:

  • Working with a large codebase – in college, we used to work on projects that had maybe 15 files or so and built-in under a day, the whole project could be understood in a few hours. Now the project I’m working on has hundreds of files spread across dozens of folders, so this took some time and guidance to get my head around but has given me skills in deep diving into code and figuring out for myself how it works.
  • Using a version control system properly – I had only used GIT in college and not on a large scale. Here in Cora Systems, you learn how to use a version control with many different branches and how to use that version control for pushing, pulling, and merging your daily bug fixes and product backlog items. How to cherry-pick code from one branch and bring it over to another branch and finally I was taught how to deploy a build. All of these skills will help me continue moving forward in my career with confidence.
  • Putting into practice the Project management skills we learned in theory in school. Cora Systems practices a mix of Agile and Kanban techniques such as the daily stand-up meeting, biweekly sprint retrospective meeting, biweekly sprint planning meeting, and pair programming. In college all of these concepts were very abstract to me, so it was very helpful to get the real-life experience of working in a team environment that executes these techniques.

My overall experience from being an intern for Cora Systems has been one of support and learning. In my opinion, Cora is a fast-growing tech company that would be a great fit for any person looking to join a well-rounded team of developers. I was extremely fortunate to be offered such a fantastic opportunity of working in Cora Systems with such a wonderfully supportive group of people.

– Rebecca

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