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5 Key Benefits of Delegation

As a busy Portfolio, Programme or Project Manager dealing with a workload that is beyond your means can be difficult.

One such solution may be to delegate some of that workload to other team members. Effective delegation can help anyone who is feeling challenged by time management while also delivering further benefits of delegation to the wider organization.

When it is done correctly delegation can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. The benefits associated with delegation are so important for any organisation, leader or team member. Below we have listed some of the key benefits:

5 benefits of Delegation

Saves Time:
Delegating the tasks that can be completed by someone else means that you can spend more time on the more important tasks.

Encouraging Teamwork:
Teamwork is always a good morale booster in an office. By delegating work to a group, will encourage them to work together to reach the end goals.

By delegating work you will create a greater sense of balance among the individuals in the organisations regarding workload. Ensuring that everyone has an equal amount of work to do, rather than one person doing all the heavy lifting.

Other individuals have the opportunity to up skill and become more flexible with what they can and can’t do.

Keeping your team members motivated is important. By delegating work you can keep the motivation levels up as they are being exposed to new and challenging tasks.

Delegation may not be to every leader’s taste, particularly from a “control” point of view; however we believe it is an essential part of the job. Our advice is to try it initially with smaller tasks, see if you are comfortable with it and then hand off larger or more task.

Projects, Programmes and Portfolios in Cora PPM are structured to provide complete visibility and insight through instant information “roll-up”, linking top-down goals with bottom-up contributions of each and every task. To see this concept in action why not “Take a Tour” of Cora PPM here.

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