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This is the first in a new series where Cora Systems’ Account Manager Enda Smith takes a look at a Cora PPM module and how it provides Control, Governance and Insight to organizations all over the world.

We begin the series with a “double-header”  – the Executive Dashboard and the Snapshot Report.

Executive Dashboard

Cora PPM Dashboards are comprised of a series of Widgets which display relevant project information such as Risks, Tasks, Project Progress and much more. Each user, regardless of what level of access they have, can choose what Widgets they wish to display in their Dashboard and how that information is displayed. Information from Project level “rolls-up” to Program and Portfolio level and users with higher levels of access can also “drill down” into their Portfolio or Program.

The Executive Dashboard allows a user of Cora PPM, with the required access rights, to see a “single version of the truth” over all Projects and Programs within the system. A key component of the Executive Dashboard, compared to Dashboards at other levels is the availability of high level multi-select filters, which allow the user to quickly filter down through all the information at their disposal via a drop-down.

A user can filter by Strategy, and only see data from projects aligned to a particular strategy, by Organizations, by the Project Stage, by the Project Type e.g. Capital Projects, by Project Status. There are a wide range of uses for the Filters. For instance, if an Executive wanted to figure out why a certain project wasn’t delivering on time they can find more information at the click of a button and then export an image of the full Dashboard or an individual Widget for use in a Presentation or a Report at a company meeting.

In short, the Executive Dashboard gives the user an instant and complete overview of how their projects are doing, in a graphical format which can be exported for use elsewhere at the owners discretion.

Snapshot Reports

An extensive range of information displays, including risk and issues analysis, resourcing, financial data and detailed reporting options covering areas such as Cost Management, Project Management and Time Management are available in Cora PPM. Whilst this type of viewing is very valuable, we have found that a lot of organizations are increasingly using shorter, graphical, one-page “Snapshots” to quickly convey key information about their projects to managers and other stakeholders. In listening to our client’s needs, Cora has added a visually focused dynamic Snapshot Report which gives customers the ability to quickly generate these types of views. This Snapshot Report allows a user to quickly design a custom report by selecting what fields and metrics they would like to display. The ability to display these one page views in ‘4 blocker, 5 blocker 7 blocker & 9 blocker’ segments allows users to choose exactly what data they would like to see on what part of the Page.

Users can also filter through their chosen blocks of data to focus on particular pieces of information that they want highlighted and there is a one click export of Snapshots for inclusion in documents or presentations. The example below is a “4 Blocker” and displays Project Details in the top, full-width, Block followed by a summary of the Project Tasks (Left Block) and Risks  (Right Block) and concluding with an Executive Summary in the fourth Block, which is also a full-width block.

Snapshot Report
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Find out more

Cora PPM dramatically reduces time spent by Organizations generating Reports from days and hours to minutes. Click the button below to view a demonstration of the Executive Dashboard and Snapshot Report modules.

Alternatively, you can find out more about how Cora PPM can help your organization by visiting our PPM Page where you can watch a video Tour of the platform, see Client Testimonials and much more.

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