Engineering Project Management Software with ProjectVision

Engineering Project Management Software with ProjectVision

The engineering industry is complex and organisations within it tend to have multiple projects that span over months and even years.

In order to make life easier for the project engineering teams the use of Engineering Project Management Software Solutions are quickly becoming a must have.

Project Managers assigned to Engineering Projects can gain more control and visibility of these projects by using a Project Management Software Solution such as ProjectVision. ProjectVision will help Engineering Organisations to:

    1. Consistently deliver a high quality project
    2. Ensure that your time is put to the best use
    3. Access information at the push of a button from any location across the globe
    4. Make decisions with up to date information and clear layers of communication

ProjectVision’s key features for engineering projects include:

  • Web-based Software: Access project information at any-time, any-where from any computer to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest project developments.
  • Customisable: Present information on your project dashboard in a way you and your team want.
  • Document Management: Upload and store documents relating to a particular project, allowing you to access project information from one centralised system. All uploaded documents are subject to version control ensuring that you are referring to the most up to date document.
  • Benefits realisation: ProjectVision allows users to track project benefits ensuring focus is put on value for money and ROI. ProjectVision provides the visibility needed to easily see if your projects are delivering on the set requirements.
  • Collaboration: ProjectVision ensures that engineering teams have access to the latest project updates when they are made available. Through project watch, email alerts engineering teams can see what is happening in a particular programme or project. The idea behind this feature is to give engineering teams the ability to work more efficiently and effectively together.
  • Financial management: ProjectVision has the ability to keep a tight control over your project finances through project budgeting, expenditure profiling, cash flow management and project invoicing.
  • Reporting: ProjectVision gives users the ability to draw up reports in a way that suits them. Time and effort will be saved as all information required can be captured within a few clicks.
  • Integration: Integrate ProjectVision with a number of platforms to make it easier for you and your team to manage your projects. The above is just a small selection of what ProjectVision has to offer in lines of features.

Click here to see how ProjectVision has helped organizations manage their engineering project or click here to request a personalised live Cora Demo and see how your projects can benefit.