Benefits Realization

Plan and Track Benefits Realization Across the Organization

Helping you answer key questions.

All projects should deliver benefits to the organization but very often these benefits are both either not clearly defined and measurable or they are not tracked beyond the project lifecycle. Cora provides powerful benefits realization management tools that allow you to plan and track your benefits alongside your project delivery. In a nutshell, it helps you to rapidly answer four key questions:
    • Which projects are delivering benefits now?
    • Which projects have the potential to deliver the most benefit and should be prioritized?
    • Which projects support our corporate goals?
    • Which projects have no clearly defined benefits and should be reviewed or stopped?
With Cora, your benefits realization managers can quickly create outcomes, business enablers, and benefits and link them to your organization’s strategies. Once the projects that will deliver those benefits have been identified, they can be easily linked to the map, and target values can be set. As projects start to deliver, project managers record the level of benefit realized, and these roll up to the overall benefit. Your managers can save their own view of the benefits map, allowing them to focus on areas most relevant to themselves and their teams. If you already have a benefits model in place, all benefits terminology can be customized to match, making the transition to Cora Benefits Realization much easier for your end users.


    • Create a benefits map that includes strategies, outcomes, and benefits.
    • Measure benefit delivery against target and baseline values.
    • Link existing projects to benefits.
    • Tailor terminology and data to align with your organization.
    • Multiple projects can deliver a single organizational benefit.

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