Workforce Planning

The Cora Workforce Planning module ensures that you have the right pool of talent to draw from, and that they’re deployed in the most productive way.

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Module Capabilities

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Resource Demand

The Resource Demand functionality enables you to see how many people you need on a specific project, and what skill sets they need to have. This helps you to ensure that the right person is deployed on the right project for the correct length of time.

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Capacity Management

The Cora Capacity Management functionality gives you visibility into where your workforce, equipment and fixed assets are being deployed across the organization. This allows you to track and monitor overall project performance to ensure your current demand is successfully met by the resources available.

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Skill Sets, Qualifications & Capabilities

The Skill Sets, Qualifications and Capabilities functionality keeps you informed about the available skill sets your organization currently has access to. This helps you plan for future demand, identifies potential gaps and provides insight into what the right mix of new hires and external contractors is likely to be.

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Cora Workforce Planning FAQs

How does the Cora Workforce Planning module help enterprise organizations?

Cora’s Workforce Planning  module helps enterprise organizations to ensure that the right people are deployed on the right projects for the right length of time. Cora PPM digitizes your data, centralizes your documents and streamlines all your processes.

What are the benefits of the Cora Workforce Planning module?

The biggest benefit from the Cora Workforce Planning module is the way it improves your capacity management. This helps you to meet current demand most effectively by helping you to deploy your workforce, equipment and fixed assets where they can be used most productively.

What are the features of Cora's Workforce Planning module?

On of the most useful features of Cora’s Workforce Planning module is the skill sets, qualifications, and capabilities functionality. This enables you to ensure that your organization has a workforce with the skill sets necessary to meet future demand most effectively.

What value does the Cora Workforce Planning module give you?

The Cora Workforce Planning module gives you the tools to perform a skill sets audit and to ensure that you have workers who are appropriately skilled in the areas that you need them for.