Why Cora PPM?

Here, we provide a comparison matrix for PPM functionality against specific PPM categories. Information has been compiled from a number of sources, and is provided for guidance only. When selecting a PPM solution, it is important to consider PPM categories, and the benefits products in each category can offer. This guide presents the general value of each of the four PPM solution categories, as well as the specific value of the Cora PPM platform.

Cora PPM is robust in its capabilities, offering organizations control, governance and insight across their assets. Cora PPM was developed to provide project managers, senior executives, team members and any other applicable members of an organization with the functionality to manage their portfolios and projects. It is a comprehensive, mature and established enterprise portfolio and project management software solution that will fit any industry in both the public and private sectors.

Every day, thousands of project managers around the world use the Cora PPM platform to manage their portfolio of projects, totalling over $20 billion in value, across multiple locations, 50+ countries and thousands of users.

Cora’s 20-year history and continued investment in new technology development ensures Cora PPM has the flexibility to deliver against ever evolving PPM requirements.

PPM Categories Explained

1. Platform

Deliver core PPM functionality while offering platform capabilities that deliver rich extensibility. Examples include Oracle Primavera, Clarity, PlanView and Deltek OpenPlan.

3. Software & Services

Firms host the PPM solution online and provide technical operation, maintenance, and support for the customer. Examples include @Task, Daptiv and Clarizen.

2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enables organisations to manage key business functions such as financial management, project management, and customer relationship management. Examples include SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and Agresso.

4. Alternative Tools

Point solutions that are not part of a broad PPM solution, but often are used for specific needs. Examples include Excel and SharePoint.

Functionality / ERP Comparison Matrix

Capability Areas

Portfolio Capability

A solid project intake process enables work and project requests in an organised fashion.

Projects are categorized as Run, Grow, or Transform based on strategic impact. Run projects are core internal projects to keep the existing IT infrastructure functioning. Grow projects enhance existing capabilities. Transform projects are those that deliver new core functionality that provide an advantage to an organisation. A good PPM solution helps drive the strategic direction of an organisation by applying ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Ability to provide visibility into organisational activity across projects and information to inform portfolio’s strategic direction and cost optimization.

Project Capability

Ability to enable efficient portfolio management, including reporting and optimization measures.

Ability to deliver on cost controls, project accounting, and portfolio cost reporting.

Ability to provide relevant resource, schedule, and analytics.

Integration mechanisms that enable team members to communicate better and work efficiently through sharing information.

  • project management plan, project scope statement, work breakdown structures.

Identification of risks and issues supported by mitigation strategies.

Activity list, activity attributes, activity resource requirements, resource calendars, project schedule network diagrams, activity duration estimates,

Technical Capability

Ability to provide a programming interface for other IT applications to integrate.

Ability to host the solution both in the cloud and on-premise.

How well the solution integrates with complimentary software; such as ERP applications and e-mail systems.

Level of complexity with respect to resources, time, and technical systems.

Overarching Capability

Level of interface usability and ability to retrieve information.

Strength and depth of support network built around solution, including partners, technical community, and additional resources such as online tools.

Strength of market presence and company experience, as well as ability to continue to invest and innovate around solution.

Primarily licensing and service costs; also includes maintenance and training.

More Than a Software Solution

We commit to developing a deep understanding of your business challenges and delivering bespoke solutions that address your needs. We then co-design and implement the solution using a partnership approach.

Cora PPM Can Help You Achieve Measurable Results:


Reduction in Systems Used


Reduction in Cancelled Projects


Less PMO Staff Required


Hours Reporting Reduced to Seconds


Efficiency Saving over 2 Years

Simulate the potential return that you could realize by implementing Cora PPM:

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