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Head of PMO / EPMO

Full project portfolio control is achieved through dashboards and analytics. Drive process standardization and compliance through a scalable and easily customized solution that will support your PM methodology by allowing you to:

  • Have total visibility and control of the project including, finances, margins, customer satisfaction
  • Integrating Capacity Planning with Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Drives suitable project selection which delivers better economic outcomes
Head of Strategy

Get access to the information you need to make the best, data-driven decisions for your company. Effectively align all your investments with business strategy and accelerate business transformation through the management of the investment ecosystem, enterprise capacity, and change enablement. Our solutions allow you to complete:

  • Top-down budgeting
  • Scenario planning
  • Shrewder portfolio selections
  • Improvement of portfolio prioritization
  • Control of strategic capacity management
  • Track benefits realization
  • Embed business intelligence
Head of Transformation

Have clear visibility of project performance, reports, and budgets, as well as resource and capacity allocation. Access to accurate, centralized data ensures you have the tools to drive change in the organization. 

Through our SPM software, Cora ensures you can: 

  • Plan, prioritize, evaluate and monitor the right projects and programmes for your organization 
  • Develop a clear roadmap of digital initiatives now and in the future 
  • Drive transformational success across the organization 
Head of Engineering

Manage complex capital & operational projects in one centralized system. Providing Engineering and Construction organizations with a holistic view of infrastructure, asset, and project information and their interdependencies. Our PPM software ensures:

  • Projects are managed and monitored from start to finish
  • Visibility easily accessible to all relevant parties
  • Information is stored in one centralized place

Processes digitalized (invoicing, vendor management, etc.)

Head of Technology / CIO

Reimagining the role of technology in your organization by providing value and ensuring long-term technical success. Our API allows for full integration with existing systems. Our software ensures you have the ability to:

  • Drive innovation
  • Connect the technology ecosystem
  • Accelerate digital transformation
Head of Finance / CFO

As a CFO, you sit at the intersection of strategy, technology, and financial management. To play a pivotal role in leading digital transformation initiatives, it is critical that you are viewed as a digital leader within your organization. With Cora you gain a full oversight on the project portfolio selection process using project business cases. Integrate with your organization’s existing ERP to allow for financial data transfer between systems.

  • Reduce budget deviation
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Clear visibility
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