Digital Transformation White Paper: "The Why is Easy; The How is Difficult"​

Digital Transformation White Paper: “The Why is Easy; The How is Difficult”​

This Digital Transformation White Paper unpicks some of the myths about digital transformation.

It defines the strategy clearly, suggests how a project management approach is essential for delivering measurable benefits, and what are the risks of failing to adopt digital transformation.

The Paper looks in-depth at why 70% of digital transformation programs fail, provides keys to successful implementation. It analyses suitable project management methodologies, including the pros and cons of Agile, the role of technology, and why your organization might need to transform from being a digital resister to being a digital champion.


“Technology (social, mobile, cloud and data analytics) is interwoven into every aspect of our personal lives but organizations have largely failed to integrate digital into their analog operating model. Data analytics, which is just one cog in the digital wheel that has been at the fingertips of organizations for over a decade but organizations are still struggling to understand or integrate data into their business model.

All organizations know they must act but the possibilities of digital are so vast it is often hard to know what to focus on or even where to begin. This has created a growing sense of urgency spreading across industries and sectors as many organizations are unsure how to embrace the Promised Land pledged by digital transformation.

The unspoken truth is there is a great deal of exaggeration and misunderstanding about digital transformation initiatives. The term digital has many inconsistent definitions.  It can mean anything from ‘the paperless office’ to ‘the application of digital technology in all aspects of social, economic, and political life’. ​”

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