Webinar: "Coronavirus, Quarantine, And A PPM: Is your Organization Prepared For Isolation?"

In today's digital world there is no excuse for not being able to access critical decision support information regardless of where you are.

The recent events associated with the Coronavirus have changed the way we think about how we should manage our organizations. Those companies that have invested in an implementation of a sophisticated PPM approach are able to easily pivot and make effective, efficient, and timely important management decisions in absentia. In the current “Project Economy” it has become obvious that “everything is a project and everyone is a project manager”.

Don’t let “physical presence” be a necessity. A PPM will provide an invisible link to all components of an organization and their respective decision makers. Those organizations that haven’t had the foresight to proactively invest in the implementation of a sophisticated PPM approach will be left to ask; “How did they do that”? In the world of Digital Transformation, you only have two choices–either you are in or you are OUT. Your call! In the profession of Project Management, Lee R Lambert, PMP, PMI Fellow has established the standard against which others in the field are measured.

In this Webinar, a recording from the 2020 PPM Innovators Virtual Summit, Lee uses a series of anecdotes and case studies from his five decades of Project Management experience to share some important lessons.