Webinar: Survival Tips for Project Business

Webinar: Survival Tips for Project Business

“Project business happens, when two (or more) parties do a project together as a paying customer and a paid contractor. It is the core of today’s project economy."

The current crisis left players in project business unprepared. Among all business disciplines it has the lowest number of experts, literature, software, and offerings for education. However, professionals and organizations need immediate help to survive the crisis.

Oliver F. Lehmann, the world’s leading expert on the subject presents a number of survival hints that can be implemented immediately and protect people and companies from avoidable failures.

During This Webinar You Will:

  • Gain insight into the world of Project Business
  • Learn 7 Tips for Cooperative Transformation
  • Learn 7 Survival Hints to help get through the current crisis

This Webinar is a recording from the 2020 PPM Innovators Virtual Summit

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