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Webinar: "Cora for Local Government

Gain insight into how Cora PPM provides local government bodies with the control, governance and insight required to deliver projects

Projects undertaken by a typical local government body are consistently assessed for their efficiency and effectiveness. Alongside this, local authorities must deal with spending/budget cuts, hierarchical shifts, and responsibility changes, whilst ensuring that the final service delivery is not affected.
Some of the difficulties that tend to fall at the feet of a local authority manager include:

  • Complex savings initiatives that must be made without affecting the overall service
  • Communicating important project information to the public
  • Ensuring projects are having a positive effect on the overall corporate strategy
  • Maintaining a high level of performance and collaboration throughout the project

At Cora Systems we believe that local authorities can successfully manage all they need and even more within a single platform, the Cora PPM Platform.

Cora PPM provides local authorities with complete control, governance, and insight over their project portfolios, consolidating all project, financial, resource and spatial information into one centralized system, working seamlessly with your external systems and data sources. This “one single version of the truth” allows you to make better-informed business decisions, budgetary adjustments, service changes and project prioritization.

In this live demo, Colin Lyons, Software Consultant at Cora Systems will provide a detailed overview of the Cora PPM platform, and insight into how Cora PPM provides local authorities with the control, governance and insight required to maximize the performance of their project portfolios.

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