On-Demand Webinar: Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs

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Navigating Change: Unleashing the Power of OKRs

About our OKR Webinar: In today’s dynamic business landscape, change and disruption are the new norms. To thrive, organizations must adopt an execution-ready strategy, emphasizing the need for continuous adaptation. In this evolving environment, employee engagement and talent retention play pivotal roles in shaping an organization’s success.

Key Challenges:

    1. High Disengagement Rates: Studies indicate that up to 85% of employees are disengaged, with the cost of low morale reaching billions.
    2. “The Great Resignation”: A real phenomenon reflecting the current workforce’s desire for purpose beyond traditional incentives.

Real Engagement Beyond Perks:

Contrary to popular belief, genuine engagement goes beyond trendy perks. It involves instilling purpose and passion in employees’ daily work, connecting it to the larger organizational strategy.

The Rise of OKRs:

Enter “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs), a methodology gaining prominence as organizations transition from output-focused to outcome-driven approaches.

Exploring the Power of OKRs:

Join John McGrath, a seasoned Project Management advisor and lecturer, in a 45-minute session where he delves into:
  • The Anatomy of OKRs: Understanding the fundamentals and structure of OKRs.
  • Mission to Objective Cascade: Distilling mission, vision, and values into a singular organization objective, cascading it across all levels.
  • OKRs in Action: Leveraging OKRs to evolve from a Project Management Office (PMO) to a Strategy Realization Office (SRO).
  • Implementation Insights: Lessons learned and best practices for successful OKR adoption.
  • Conclusion: Transforming Strategies with OKRs:

    Discover how OKRs can be a game-changer in your strategy realization initiatives. Equip yourself with insights that transcend conventional approaches, propelling your organization toward success in an ever-evolving business landscape. Watch our OKR Webinar now:

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     John’s OKR guidebook, mentioned during the webinar, can be downloaded by clicking here.

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