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Cora Systems Webinar: How to Power Best-Practice PPM with Cora PPM

In this Webinar Replay Cora Systems’ Solutions Architect Tom Davies AMBCS demonstrates how Cora PPM powers best-practice PPM in over 50 countries. Cora PPM provides immediate visibility over projects and portfolios, giving users the control, governance and insight required to make better decisions.
  • During the session Tom outlined how organisations can use Cora PPM to connect strategy with execution, helping to deliver global consistency, powerful insights, total control and enterprise-wide visibility.
  • See how Cora PPM’s extensive range of essential functionality can automate a PMO, providing people like you with the ability to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate project portfolios.
  • Learn how real-world problems such as resource planning and technology integration can be solved by using Cora PPM.

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