Webinar: What’s New in Cora 1.7.4 and 1.7.5?

During the webinar broadcast, three questions were raised:

Question 1: “What happened to 1.7.3?”

1.7.3 is an internal release and was not made available to customers. Instead all, all new features intended for 1.7.3 was lifting and pushed into 1.7.4 which we have presented in the next webinar.

Question 2: “Smartforms – Numeric Roll-Up of Fields…. Looks good but why is the value cell so large? It’s across the whole page and the numbers look ‘lost’ over on the RH (right-hand) side”

The example used in the webinar was probably not the best one to use. No changes have been made to the sizing or formatting of the field, only the functionality to roll up numeric fields on SmartForms. Depending on the page Grouping used will define the sizing. On another example you could use a 4 blocker page grouping making the field look smaller.

Question 3: “Scheduling – Change Start Date by dragging the bar – Great, like it”

Glad this will be useful, makes changing the Gantt much quicker. Remember to set your Gantt preferences to make effective use of this new feature, see Scheduling – User preference when editing start, finish and duration of tasks for more details.

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