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Use Case: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)

In this video, Alex a PMO Director for a large multi-national manufacturing & engineering firm has a challenge around Environment, Social, and Governance/ESG Reporting.

Use Case Video:

He must show strong governance proof before a major investor pitch, but lacks time to gather data from different sources to evaluate his company’s environmental and social effects. Software can help him out.

If the challenges outlined in the video sound familiar, visit our Environment, Social, and Governance Software solution page to learn how the Cora solution can help you keep your ESG projects on track.


Meet Alex, a PMO Director for a large multi-national manufacturing & engineering firm. They deliver engineer-to-order equipment to their customers in the construction industry.

Alex has a few problems which are causing a high amount of stress.

  1. His company seeks private investment, requiring proof of commitment to community improvement through positive projects.
  2. The regulator is due an audit of the firm’s governance and responsible environmental standards.
  3. Alex lacks time to gather data from diverse sources for environmental and social impact assessment, essential for showcasing strong governance prior to the upcoming investor presentation.


That’s why he’s turned to Cora. Cora evaluates projects rigorously using ESG reporting, aiding in generating suitability scores and ratings, as referred to by Alex’s colleagues.

These ratings are created at project initiation and help the PMO decide the best portfolio investment strategy which features projects with higher ESG scores.

Now Alex can instantly see evidence and insight into his company’s ESG status before their major investor presentation. Through Cora’s interactive ESG dashboards, Alex’s senior management peers can quickly view the portfolio projects and their ESG assessment ratings.

Alex can show this by graphical dashboards as well as by drill-down capabilities to see more information in real time from project teams.

The ESG Assessment dashboard shows which projects are categorized as IDEAL, IMPROVEMENT NEEDED & INADEQUATE, based on ESG scoring criteria. Furthermore, these ratings can be linked to other project metrics such as priority, budget, performance, status and categorization.

Using Cora’s single platform, Alex decides to compare the ESG ratings by project tier in just a couple of clicks. Alex notices a large tier 1 project is rated as inadequate based on their assessment. This would be a red flag for investors. A tier 1 project, Alex’s company’s largest, is connected to multiple strategies, funding sources, and faces intense scrutiny from senior stakeholders, shareholders, investors, and the media.

Noticing this promptly, Alex informs the COO and initiates a plan to enhance the project’s ESG rating, enabled by Cora’s heightened visibility. Empowering the COO (chief operating officer), it allows exploration of ‘What if’ scenarios for portfolio delivery, considering multiple factors while highlighting the option yielding the best ESG rating. ESG ratings tie into project KPIs and performance reporting. This ensures projects are kept on top of their commitments and their performance rolls up to PMO- and C-level dashboards.

Thanks to Cora, Alex’s firm secures that investment through the power of their evidence-based dashboards and audit trails. They also improve their environmental footprint and provide a positive impact on the local community as well as guaranteeing evidence of good governance business practices.

Great work Alex!