Client Story: Automated Logic Corporation

Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) provides innovative building-management solutions that maximize energy efficiency and sustainable building operations while ensuring comfort.

Its intuitive products control and monitor building functions such as heating, air conditioning and lighting for commercial office, education, health care, government, and data center markets through a global network of independent dealers and North American branch offices.

“When we first implemented Cora, the expectation was a 1-2% net-recovered margin in our projects just from streamlined efficiency, from having a one-stop-shop. We’ve achieved that – we’ve gotten our 2% net-recovered margin across the business, across our execution platform. All things are thumbs up as far as the results of using Cora has been.”

– Mark Ruettiger, North America Operations Manager, Automated Logic Corporation


ALC sought a solution to address several challenges including implementing consistent Project Management processes, improving upfront planning and collaboration, establishing resource/capacity management, accessing project documentation via the mobile, document, and financial control, and improving reporting. A key element for them was the integration with their existing financial system to manage project forecasting through the Cora solution.

  • Need to implement consistent project management processes
  • Improve upfront planning and collaboration
  • Establishing resource/capacity management
  • Access project documentation via mobile
  • Document and financial control
  • Integrate with existing financial system to manage project forecasting
  • We established a consistent Project Management process for ALC integrated into their enterprise systems, providing consistent reporting/dashboards with project data resident in a secure cloud server accessible to field teams via mobile apps
  • In total, we help ALC manage 6,000 active projects across their organization
  • The implementation minimized disruptions associated with change and provided an easy-to-use, intuitive system
  • Improved reporting
  • Visibility has increased across all projects with specific dashboards and reports displaying key project and financial data, giving Automated Logic’s team instant, accurate project status updates
  • Early warning signs are now available through a number of compliance indicators which is helping to reduce project/budget deviation
  • Control and visibility of all resources across all areas allowing for top-down capacity planning across Automated Logic’s entire organization

Learn More

Lindsey Leiker, a Digital Project Manager and Business Analyst with Automated Logic, discusses the challenges mentioned above in our on-demand webinar “The Custom Fit Standardized Platform“. Lindsey also discussed the ppm implementation process and how they rolled out the platform across multiple locations.

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