Value Assessment Calculator

See the Value of a Cora Implementation

The Cora Value Assessment is provided for the specific purpose of allowing you to calculate the projected returns your organization could achieve with a Cora implementation. As you may not have all of the data available for this calculator, we have provided some suggestions for you based on our experience in the marketplace with Cora customers and prospects.

The Value Assessment is to be used as a guide to help your organization understand the potential benefits of an enterprise solution — the resulting ROI calculation does not constitute a guarantee by Cora or any of its affiliates.


Tell us about your organization and we’ll show you the financial benefit of implementing our solution.


Once you have had time to consider the savings that Cora can deliver, a member of our team will be in contact to discuss your findings, the needs of your organization and how we can help you to achieve results.

How Mature is Your PMO?

Did you know that when considering the possible ROI from a PPM software implementation it is essential to factor in the maturity of your project management practices: the less mature your practices and processes are, the greater the impact a PPM implementation will have. Learn more about your level of project management maturity by taking our free PMO Maturity Assessment.
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