The Problem: Time Overhead on Reporting is High


Report preparation is extremely time-consuming. Team morale is impacted by the reporting process with people complaining that they don’t have enough time to focus on project execution. Status information is out of date by the time reports are published.

Our Solution

Our powerful reporting and analytics engine is easy to use and configure. Quickly create and produce monthly, weekly, or ad-hoc reports.


The Result

  • Reduce reporting time from 10 hours to a few minutes
  • Content is timely and relevant as the turnaround time for reports is reduced
  • Extensive reporting options for the various types of stakeholders (managers, project team, etc.)
  • Better decision-making supported by easy-to-use embedded “Business Intelligence” and analytics widgets
  • Your team will have more time to focus on strategic issues, value creation, and project execution
  • Integrate with other IT systems and create a single corporate BI platform for project information

Want to See Cora in Action?

Cora PPM Software Laptop and Mobile Image