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Providing Elanco with Global Visibility of their Portfolio & PMO

Elanco, is a global animal health company, that develops products and knowledge services to prevent and treat disease in food animals and pets in more than 90 countries. They have annual revenue of $3.1 Billion, 6,500 employees, 100+ external manufacturing sites and are a division of Eli Lilly & Company.

Management feedback:

  • “Excellent tool and interface; single source of truth for project portfolio”
  • “Easy to use, does not create a lot of administrative burden on organization”
  • “Very helpful, allowed lead team to better manage priorities to support business planning”
  • “Best tool and process I have seen at any company I have worked for, very helpful”

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During a case study webinar Mario Clarizia, Senior Advisor – Project & Portfolio Management with Elanco, outlined the challenges they faced and the benefits they gained since implementing Cora PPM. Click here to watch now.

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The Challenge

Elanco has experienced tremendous growth and change over the last number of years and required a system to enable project management and project prioritization.

Capabilities Cora Bring:

  • Cora PPM provides the PPMO office with across their entire portfolio of projects spanning their operations in 90+ countries and more than 100 external manufacturing partners.


  • A key driver for Elanco is the flexibility of Cora PPM. They can use the tool at both a high level (portfolio tracking) and a very detailed level (project management and execution).
  • Cora PPM has helped facilitate portfolio reviews, prioritization of work, and management reviews of key project success indicators.
  • Elanco utilizes several key features with Cora PPM in order to manage their complex portfolios, through the;
    • Ability to link projects across multiple groups working on the same initiative
    • Flexibility of creating custom program structures and changing it, without losing any data
    • Ability to import and export data into Excel, pdf and jpeg formats
    • Ability to configure screens, views, fields and drop downs

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