Connecting Strategy with Execution

With Cora Strategic Portfolio Management, you can select and manage the optimum set of strategically-aligned project initiatives.

Delivering Strategic Business Objectives

By implementing the platform, you can ensure you’re delivering the maximum business value by making the right investment decisions and allocating the most profitable use of resources.

The Strategic Portfolio Management solution – which delivers measurable return on investment (ROI) – is built on four key principles:



Translate your business strategy into an actionable portfolio



Implement the best aligned projects by allocating budget and resources that provide maximum business impact



Based on the strategic criteria, analyze and select the best initiatives



Manage the approved projects to completion with full visibility over deliverables, timescales, scheduling and progress

Portfolio Selection

Auto-select the preferred portfolio based on your criteria and compare alternatives, ensuring your portfolio delivers the maximum return.
PPM Solutions Portfolio Dashboard
Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning

Make Portfolio balancing easy, while ensuring strategic alignment, capacity planning and global efficiencies across the enterprise.​

Top-Down Budgeting

Logically split budget across your portfolios. Easily track forecasting from execution against portfolio budgets to measure performance.​

Portfolio Budget Allocation - Portfolio Planning
PPM Solutions Portfolio Planning Portfolio Dashboard

Portfolio Prioritization

Using a criteria, based on your requirements to score and weight projects, slice-and-dice data to come up with a repeatable, reliable and robust portfolio scoring mechanism.

Strategic Capacity Management

Gaining visibility over the entire resource pool and easily understand requirements for the year ahead while maximizing usage of global resource pools.​

Scenario Planning
Benefits Management Benefit Realization

Benefits Realization

Plan and track benefits alongside your project delivery and gain visibility over benefits being delivered by projects and how they should be prioritized to support corporate goals.

Business Intelligence

Embedded “BI” provides powerful data and insights that enable fast, informed decisions accessible to everyone via shared dashboard and interactive reports.

Executive Dashboard PPM Solutions
Portfolio Planning Scenario Comparison

Better Decision Making

Increase return on investment, eliminate “CEO-specials” or “good-hunch” and enable decisions on the portfolio to be made with clarity and without guesswork.

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A Guide to Portfolio Planning

"Portfolio Planning Can Save Millions on Your Bottom Line"


There are two keys to Strategic Portfolio Management and effective portfolio planning. First, make sure you’ve the right portfolio selected. Second – and it’s only after you’ve selected the right portfolio – make sure you manage those projects right. If you don’t have that first ingredient in place, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

This Guide to Portfolio Planning will help readers to understand the benefits of Portfolio Planning and how to implement the process in their organisation.

About the Author

Guide to Portfolio PlanningPhilip Martin is CEO of Cora Systems. Drawing on 30 years’ experience in the portfolio and project management industry, he has built a global client base across Europe, the Middle East and USA. He previously held positions with major US multinationals, including 3Com, Tellabs, DSC and Pulse Engineering. Philip is an electronic systems engineering graduate of Ulster University.

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