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Connect Strategy & Execution with Strategic Portfolio Management Software

The Cora SPM platform provides you with the visibility for advanced portfolio management and decision-making. It will give you the confidence to select the right portfolio, and the digital know-how to execute it.

Total clarity, total control

With Cora’s Strategic Portfolio Management software, you can select and manage the right set of strategically aligned project initiatives

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve provided project portfolio management solutions to healthcare providers. With each engagement, we’ve learned to surmount the diverse problems encountered by project managers.
The problem:
It’s difficult to decide what projects should be prioritized.
We make it easy for you to define and apply your own standard criteria to projects. You can evaluate them based on a range of factors, including strategic impact, using our repeatable, reliable, and robust portfolio-scoring mechanism, and decide which project(s) should be prioritized.

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guide Free Portfolio Planning guide

How to save millions on your bottom line with rigorous portfolio planning

Companies can lose hundreds of millions of euros by not selecting the correct projects into their portfolio, or indeed by selecting the wrong projects into their portfolio. This guide will help readers to understand the benefits of smart portfolio planning and how to implement the process in their organization for better business outcomes.
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