Strategic Capacity Management

Cora Strategic Capacity Management Software

Easily understand your requirements for the year ahead and maximize usage of global resource pools; fulfil 85% of your resource requirements quickly and easily; satisfy the balance using readily available data and insights.

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What is strategic capacity management?

Strategic capacity management is the process of working out what resources you need to meet demand, whether that be next year or just trying to work out who is available next week. Capacity planning is the thought process behind establishing if you have enough people to do the work. This process enables you to effectively forecast demand by resource skill type and also enables you to apply scenario modelling to that demand information across your portfolios.

Why should you use strategic capacity management?

Strategic Capacity Management provides control and visibility of all resources across all business areas. It highlights resourcing issues and provides the ability to manage the demand and approval of resources on projects globally.

This visibility allows for a better understanding of the impact on adding multiple projects to overall project delivery and the effect on this and other projects through the “what-if” scenario planning functionality.

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Upfront, accurate planning

Strategic capacity management by Cora provides you with an upfront, accurate plan template so you won’t have to go through a detailed project planning process for each project, saving months of upfront time. The ‘what-if’ analysis allows your management to decide whether to increase resources through hiring or reallocation to increase capacity.

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