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How Can Cora PPM Help?

Ensure capacity is always aligned to demand.

Plan your teams project and non-project related work. Track actual time spent on tasks. Plan headcount requirements and identify which team members are over or under allocated.


  • Maximize your human resources through resource and capacity planning
  • Full visibility on allocation by individual and by project
  • Time management features to track actual hours for all project and non-project work
  • Better resource allocation decision making supported by business intelligence
  • Support requests for additional headcount
  • Portfolio management; Eliminate ‘low value’ projects that are not aligned with strategy
  • Drive process compliance and enable repeatable project success
  • Minimize financial, governance and other corporate risk
  • Full solution design, delivery, change management and support service provided
  • Mentoring service to support achievement of solution ROI in less than 6 months
  • Track project time and support R&D tax credit claims

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