Embed PM Methodologies and Drive Process Compliance

Embed PM Methodologies and Drive Process Compliance

Cora solutions mirror your existing organizational processes. Drive process compliance and measure adherence levels.

Cora Benefits

  • Reduce budget deviation & improve financial forecasting accuracy.
  • Portfolio management. Eliminate 'low value' projects that are not aligned with strategy.
  • Better decision making supported by business intelligence.
  • Customisable solution that adapts to match your methodology and processes.
  • Drive process compliance and enable repeatable project success.
  • Minimize financial, governance and other corporate risk.
  • Maximize your human resources through resource and capacity planning.
  • Full solution design, delivery, change management and support service provided.
  • Mentoring service to support achievement of solution ROI in less than 6 months.
  • Track project time and support R&D tax credit claims.

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The Cora Solution

Cora solutions are adaptable. The solution will be customised to reflect your existing organizational methodology and processes. Minimize change requirements for your team, reduce the learning curve and improve user adoption rates for the new solution. Measure process compliance rates and use factual data to drive improvements plans.

Combining our Cora software and experienced Professional Services teams enables organizations to deliver real-time, holistic project governance, control and visibility across all projects throughout the entire organization. The Cora suite of modules are highly configurable for each client's specific business processes. The system is intuitive and has been designed with a focus on the end-user, thereby enabling users to quickly deploy the solution in complex PMO/PPM environments. This in turn helps deliver ROI on implementations in less than 6 months. The system can be configured to deliver dashboards and performance analytics for any member of the project team.

Standardise processes and methodologies

"ProjectVision has helped to transform the way in which our projects are managed by significantly improving and integrating management information, financial information and standardising the project management process. The implementation went far more smoothly than any other software implementation I’ve ever been involved with. I would thoroughly recommend this product."

Paul SymondsAssistant Director, Transport & Highways, London Borough of Bromley

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